About us


 Benalúa jewelry is the contemporary jewelry brand created in 2011 by Victoria Fernández-Capel Pérez. Almería. Spain. 1980 and Bruno Enzo Campise. Cordoba Argentina. 1976.

We are a small family business located in the Albaicín, Granada. We design and produce all our collections.

The Benalúa workshop was born with the idea of creating a space that allows us to express our ideas and artistic concerns through contemporary jewelry.

Always using quality materials. Our designs are creative and functional. We create our own products in which we combine materials, textures and colors. We work by hand with traditional jewelery techniques combining it with experimentation to enrich the exclusivity of our design.

Where the workshop is located and how we live our surroundings is undoubtedly one of our sources of inspiration along with the light and our summers by the sea. A lifestyle of our own, simple, socially responsible, sustainable, local and consistent because we are what we live, we tell our experiences that give us life and excite us.

The love and passion we feel for our work makes us follow an inexhaustible path of investigation and experimentation of techniques, materials and multidisciplinary proposals, always starting from the nobility that a metal such as silver gives us, beautiful and versatile with infinite possibilities that we allows us to enter into a game of shapes, textures and finishes, thus we connect contemporary designs with the artisan trade, guaranteeing the survival of a tradition with incalculable value.

The result is simple and elegant jewels that convey essence, warmth and authenticity.They are jewels to feel.