Nazari Bracelets

Unique and exclusive pieces made by encargo in recycled sterling silver from the casting of remnants of previous works.

In our workshop we offer the possibility that the creation process is a pleasant personal experience where you are the protagonist, designing from the heart, we put our hands to materialize your story.

Our client wanted to give his family something special to symbolize the place where they chose to live, Granada.

He had thought of bracelets with the motif of the Nasrid bow tie, a beautiful and elegant mosaic found in the Alhambra, the cradle of Nasrid art and which perfectly represents the city of Granada, so our common thread (as on so many other occasions) was the Alhambra, an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

He also told us that when his daughter was born, he recorded her first sound in this world and that he would love for her to be present in some way on the bracelets.

With all the ideas on the table and the design done, we began the artisanal materialisation of the pieces, using traditional jewellery techniques, thus adding value and authenticity to the pieces and combining them with new technologies.

For the decoration of the Nasrid motifs we use the technique of chiselling, this technique has been used for centuries and consists of applying meticulous blows to the chisel, sliding it across the plate until the desired design is achieved.

For the sound we use the image of the sound wave and we place it on the back of the bracelet and to make it as faithful as possible to the image that our client gave us we engrave it with a laser. For this step we had the collaboration of Loalba jewellers who did an excellent job and gave us a very friendly and close treatment.

The next step was to shape the pieces and give them the chosen finish. Below you can see a video with the process of making these unique pieces.