Our alliances.

We make these alliances in sterling silver and 18 karat gold for very special clients. This is his story:

On the occasion of more than 10 years together and coinciding with the birth of our third child, I wanted to replace our old conventional alliances and surprise my partner with a unique piece that represents the path traveled together.
I entrusted my project toBenalúa, who listened to my ideas and offered me different options to translate my wishes into two jewels that, for me, are a work of art.
In the delivery room, shortly after our little one was born, I gave my partner the wedding ring to seal our union. It was a unique moment that we will never forget and that we can keep in mind just by looking at our hands. Alliances perfectly represent our commitment and love for our three golden treasures.
Thank youBenalúa for making it possible and for capturing in an object the magic of our history and our family.