At Benalúa Jewelry we are committed to an original form of production on a unique scale, which breaks with the patterns of mass consumption, globalised and disrespectful to the environment. 

We maintain an ethical and sustainable commitment behind each piece of jewellery.

We are a small family business that focuses on the local with a 100% handmade production system, we work with traditional jewellery techniques to create contemporary designs. We enjoy a simple lifestyle of our own, where we can guarantee non-exploitation and sustainable development. Helping an ancestral craft to survive. An unhurried, responsible and value-driven way of doing things.

Our brand produces with recycled material and distributes without intermediaries, guaranteeing direct and personalised attention, always seeking to satisfy and connect the customer with their history and at the same time with their jewellery.

Working to order means that each piece of jewellery is unique and its design is exclusive. We create jewellery to be felt.

The Benalúa workshop is a space where people can shop consciously and simply knowing that their choices can create a positive and lasting impact on families and local communities.

We believe in the need to adopt more sustainable and eco-friendly practices so we work with Spanish distributors who can guarantee, as in the case of our raw material (sterling silver), its recycled and non-mined origin.

Our packaging is plastic free and our boxes are made of cardboard from sustainable forests with responsible certification. This is our way of bringing coherence and reciprocity to our philosophy of life, which is why we create timeless pieces designed to last over time.

The result is simple and elegant jewellery that transmits essence, warmth and authenticity. They are jewels to be felt.