Nasrid art jewel

A client came to our workshop, in the Albaicín of Granada, with the idea that we would make some earrings to wear on her wedding day. For her the earrings were something very special, not only because she would wear them that day but also because they would be inspired by an ancient jewel of Nasrid art that was found in the Alhambra. Where later she would give a lecture on this jewel when it was exhibited as piece of the month in the museum of this monument.

We were lucky enough to be able to access the museum's office to see and study the piece in person.


The jewel dates from around 1301 to 1400 AD, in the Nasrid period. It is a filigree ornament made up of three modules. Its typology and floral decoration make it unique, since no other with the same characteristics has been found. It is made with copper and vitreous paste.

To make the earrings we use sterling silver and fine silver instead of copper and reconstituted mother-of-pearl instead of vitreous paste.