How to know what your ring size is

In this article we will teach you three very easy ways to find out what your ring size is.

1.- Measure the finger: you have to measure the circumference of the finger where you are going to put the ring. With a seam meter you can measure very well, if you don't have one you can cut a strip of paper about two centimeters wide, wrap the strip around your finger and make a mark, then measure that section of paper with a ruler or meter . Once you know the measurement of the finger in centimeters (cm) you go to the equivalence table to know your ring size (see table below)

2.- Measure the inside diameter of a ring: you put the ring on a ruler and you will know the millimeters of the inside diameter of the ring.

3.- Go to a jewelry store and wear a ring of the desired size so that they can measure it there or have your finger measured.


 Remember to measure your finger a couple of times to avoid mistakes.